My Top 4 Favorite Online Houseplant Shops in 2022

Online plant shopping provides plant lovers with the amazing opportunity to access a nearly unlimited selection of plants.

Finding great sellers so you can confidently purchase a plant and know it will arrive in good condition is vital to having a great experience with online plant shopping.

Today I will share a few of my favorite sellers that I go to time and time again for wonderful specimens and a unique selection.

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links*

An affiliate link is a way for individuals to share wonderful companies and sellers while earning a small commission for doing so.

I will ONLY ever provide affiliate links for companies that I truly believe in and buy from myself. It is because of my positive experiences with these online sellers that I looked into whether affiliate programs exist.

Plant Shops #1 and #3 are linked through affiliate programs. Plant shops #2 and #4 are not via affiliate links, but if someone from those companies happens to see this post and would like to be affiliated, please let me know!

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#1 The Plant Farm

The Plant Farm is my absolute favorite place to shop. They sell a HUGE variety of plants and price them very reasonably.

In particular, their selection of Hoyas is absolutely incredible.

Their plants are always healthy and their customer service, if anything does go wrong, is great.

The plants that they send are always as big as, if not bigger than, the advertizing photo. Because of this, I am truly never disappointed in what I receive.

The Plant Farm also takes great care in packing their plants so you receive a healthy specimen.

Click to shop at The Plant Farm

Here are a few of the plants that I’ve purchased from The Plant Farm over the last few years:

#2 Steve’s Leaves

Steve’s Leaves is nearly tied for first as they excel at everything The Plant Farm does:

  • Very healthy plants
  • Specimens that meet or exceed the advertizing photos
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Great plant packaging

The only reason The Plant Farm comes in first is that it has a larger selection of plants and a wider range of sizing for those plants. That isn’t to say that Steve’s Leaves doesn’t have a good selection, though, it just isn’t as large as The Plant Farm.

Steve’s Leaves is probably best known for its huge selection of unique Begonias, but they also grow a huge selection of other popular plants such as Hoyas, Aroids, Succulents, and more.

Here are a few of the plants that I’ve received from Steve’s Leaves:

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#3 Groovy Plants Ranch

The Groovy Plants Ranch is a more recent find for me. I stumbled across them about a year ago and I am so glad I did!

Like the others on this list, GPR (Groovy Plants Ranch) sells reliably healthy plants that are packed well and similar in size to the listing photos.

Their selection is pretty vast, with interesting plants consistently available at reasonable prices.

This particular nursery is located in Ohio, which is very close for me as a Michigander. This means that the plants aren’t in transit very long and the shipping cost isn’t very high – two big wins.

However, even if I lived farther away, I would certainly be purchasing from them.

Click to shop at the Groovy Plants Ranch

Here are some plants I’ve received from the Groovy Plants Ranch:

#4 Gabriella Plants

Gabriella Plants is another stellar plant company that offers healthy plants for reasonable prices that are packed well. They have wonderful customer service should anything go wrong.

Similar to the other companies on this list, they have a great selection of plants that are well-balanced among popular plant groupings such as Hoyas, Aroids, and more.

Click to shop at Gabriella Plants

Here are a few of the plants that I’ve purchased from Gabriella Plants:


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