Ever felt that divine feeling of calm while walking in the woods or sitting on the beach? 

Scientists have studied the effects of being in nature. It lowers our stress levels, makes us feel happier, and frees our mind of the clutter of daily life.

If you’ve ever wished you could bring that feeling home, I have great news for you: You can! 

Studies confirm that the healing benefits of nature extend beyond the woods or the beach!  Doing something as simple as setting up a fish tank or adding a live plant to your home can have similar therapeutic effects.

That’s right! Zen gardening is a real thing!

Listed below are some individual benefits from the three activities this blog will focus on:
1. houseplant care/indoor gardening
2. outdoor gardening
3. freshwater aquaria (sometime in the future!)

Each activity can really be as expensive and time-intensive as you would like it to be. However, as a general rule, the lowest cost and lowest maintenance option is indoor gardening.

Curious what studies have shown for each individual focus area? Here are some quick facts:

Indoor Gardening (caring for house plants)


Outdoor Gardening


Freshwater Aquariums


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