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Everything is better with plants 🌱

On A Natural Curiosity, you’ll find everything you need to grow beautiful, healthy houseplants.

Having houseplants in our homes is proven to have tons of benefits, from improving our physical well-being, like reducing our stress-level, to increasing our productivity!  

After reading about the numerous advantages of having houseplants, I was inspired to create this blog to make houseplant care easy and accessible to anyone interested.  I want everyone to be able to keep houseplants in their home successfully AND have fun while doing it! 

Use these blogs to develop your own green thumb, to add to your growing plant-knowledge, or to share information with others.  Thanks for being here!


Make houseplant care easy and fun

Provide information for both beginners and experts alike

Share the amazing benefits of having houseplants

Help people understand their houseplants

Make houseplant science accessible and usable

Throughout this blog, I will share information that I’ve learned from my own experience, research, successes, and failures in houseplant care so that you can apply this information in your own indoor gardening pursuits!

About the Author

My name is Colleen Coyle-Levy, the owner of A Natural Curiosity. I have been an avid nature-lover since I was a very young child.

I started caring for houseplants over 15 years ago. I was the only college student I knew who had houseplants (and fish tanks) in a dorm room back in 2003!  I have always been drawn to nature-based activities because they were calming, restorative, and fulfilling to me.  This was especially meaningful as someone who is continuously seeking ways to manage anxiety and depression.

It is because of nature’s healing qualities that I want to share my love of and information about houseplants with you!

I hope this blog helps you to keep your plants lush and thriving and fuels your curiosity in the wonders of nature!

🌱 This blog has been growing with my houseplants since April 2019 🌱


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