About A Natural Curiosity

Everything is better with plants 🌱

On A Natural Curiosity, you’ll find houseplant care and info to help your plants thrive.

I used to believe that you were either born with a green thumb or you weren’t.

I also used to believe that houseplants were mostly for decor.

I am happy to share that I was SO wrong!

🌿 Caring for houseplants is a skill that ANYONE can learn.

I’m proof.  It took me MANY plant fails before I had plant successes!

🌿 AND houseplants are scientifically proven to positively impact and improve mental health.

Houseplants have significantly helped my anxiety and depression.

Realizing that houseplant care is a learned skill and a way to boost mental health inspired me to start this blog. 

I wanted to make houseplant care easy and accessible to everyone! 

AND I also want to keep it real.  Everyone, regardless of experience, loses plants from time to time!

In fact, it is often when plants are struggling that we houseplant owners learn the most about how to care for a plant.

Throughout this blog, I will share:

🌿 EASY & ACCESSIBLE houseplant care advice

🌿 Nerdy plant research

🌿 My successes

🌿 AND My failures

About the Author

My name is Colleen Coyle-Levy, the owner of A Natural Curiosity. I have been an avid nature-lover and huge nerd since I was a kid.

I started caring for houseplants as a college student.  I had houseplants (and fish tanks) in my dorm room back in 2003!

I have always found nature-based activities to be calming, restorative, and fulfilling.

My hope is that this blog helps you to find a refuge in nature…

AND assists in keeping your plants and your planty curiosity growing!

🌱 This blog has been growing with my houseplants since April 2019 🌱

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