Here is a list of my favorite houseplant products that I genuinely love and use all the time.

This page features affiliate links, which means that I might make a small amount from any sales using these links.  Nothing changes for you, including price, when you purchase using an affiliate link.

Any profits will be used to keep this blog going and growing.  Thank you for your support!

Soltech Solutions Aspect LED Growlight

These grow lights are 100% worth it.  My Soltech Solutions Aspect Lights support finicky, high light plants year-round and are so stylish that friends thought they were just normal lights.

I currently own 7 and use mine to grow a fiddle leaf fig, multiple citrus trees, a hibiscus tree, and a bunch of rare aroids. You can see two of my setups here.

Use the code COLLEEN2021 to receive a discount on your first order! 

Planet Desert Cacti & Succulents

This company sells a huge variety of succulents and cacti for great prices, fast shipping, and good quality.  Planet Desert frequently offers uncommon varieties as well as more common plants.

I’ve received numerous orders from them and am consistently happy with my new plants!

Here you can see a few of the cacti that I’ve purchased from them in the past – aren’t they beautiful!?

California Tropicals Plants

California Tropicals has been a superb place to order houseplants that I can’t find locally.

I’ve ordered from them many, many times and almost all of the plants have arrived in pristine condition.

I’m not sure how of my plants have been sourced from California Tropicals, but its a lot. The beautiful Domino Peace Lily pictured here is from them!

Use the code CURIOSITY to receive 10% off of your first order.

Modern Sprout GrowFrame

Modern Sprout offers grow light frames that look like modern art installations with recessed lighting and plenty of room for smaller plants. 

I started using these frames to grow smaller cacti and succulents that cannot get enough light in a window where I live.  The plants are so happy and colorful, many of which have bloomed this spring thanks to the extra light. 

If you are looking for new and innovative ways to display plants, these GrowFrames are worth looking into!